Analysis & Forecasting

Delivering actionable insights into a wide range of business issues through advanced analysis of data

Technological advances mean that organisations are now faced with more sophisticated and larger amounts of data than ever before (e.g. retail audit data / other sales data, customer data, promotion schedules, research surveys). All too often though, this data simply resides in separate databases and most of the information content and insight remains latent. Clients often say that they have neither sufficient time nor the in-house expertise to fully exploit their existing data - which is where I am able to help.

Advanced analysis of existing data sources can provide considerable additional insight, to shape future business decisions and improve budget allocation.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual business issues/questions and the data sources you have available. I can then recommend the best approach, using the most appropriate techniques, to help to improve your understanding and make better informed decisions.

Some Examples:

My skills have been applied to shed light on a wide range of commercial and non-commercial questions. Click on the areas below to see some examples or contact Chris if you wish to find out more:

What are the key drivers of sales?

How effective was my marketing activity?

How price sensitive are my brands?

How can we improve our planning to take account of the impact of weather on sales?

How can I improve consumer targeting?

Should a Point of Purchase initiative be implemented nationally?

Analysis of ‘contentious’ data

How can I make better use of survey information / my data?