Freelance Research & Planning - Examples

Management of full research process, from brief to interpretation of results, across a wide range of qualitative and quantitative projects

Projects relating to one or more aspects of the marketing proposition (both existing brands & innovation) have included:

  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Product testing –  Evaluation of potential impact of cost reduction on consumer liking; product renovation/optimisation; benchmarking against key competitors
  • Advertising development
  • Full proposition evaluation – Concept Product Tests, with and without volumetric estimation

I have also managed several more complex projects, including:

  • Global segmentation studies
  • Consumer Immersion projects
  • Multi-method projects, e.g. combination of qualitative, quantitative & sensory

Independent Review of clients’ existing research programmes

Companies periodically need an independent, objective appraisal of existing studies (e.g. advertising tracking, customer satisfaction surveys) to assess their value against current & future business needs.

Reviews have been undertaken for

  • Companies who do not have specialist internal research support
  • Research departments who require additional, experienced resource to support longer term projects, or who require an independent evaluation

Recommendations for new research programmes, & improvements to existing studies, have been implemented, resulting in reduced costs and increased value of clients’ research investment.

Survey Analysis & Reporting

Both Sarah and Chris have extensive experience of analysing and reporting/presenting quantitative survey results.

Projects have been undertaken for both client companies and research agencies, e.g.

  • On internal studies such as employee surveys, where companies want the analysis & reporting to be completed by an independent, external source
  • When clients would normally conduct the analysis themselves on externally sourced Field & Tab, but find they have insufficient resource/time to complete it
  • When research agencies need additional, temporary support to meet project deadlines

Evaluation of past research learning to generate insights for current/future business initiatives

Existing/previous projects often hold considerable insights which can inform future projects; time spent upfront, reviewing and interpreting such sources can be extremely valuable and help to a) avoid spending further research funds unnecessarily and/or b) ensure that future research studies are optimised, i.e. build on existing learning, explore hypotheses generated etc.

Whilst companies recognise the value of this type of exercise, they do not always have the resource, which is where I have been able to help. My independent viewpoint has also helped to generate further insights/hypotheses to supplement those of the internal project team.

Development of research protocol and guidance on Best Practice

I have worked with both large and small companies to help them develop more consistent approaches/rigorous frameworks in different research areas, including:

  • Innovation - Quantitative concept screening
  • Product testing and competitive benchmarking
  • General guidelines for ad hoc qualitative and quantitative research

I have also helped clients to establish preferred supplier relationships – briefing potential agencies, reviewing their proposals and negotiating contracts on clients’ behalf.

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